Computed tomography of joints

CT of the joints is an informative, fast and minimally invasive method of diagnosing diseases associated with joint damage.

To examine the joints, we use the latest high-quality tomograph Philips Briliance 16, which allows you to see the condition of the wrist, hip, shoulder, knee, wrist, ankle and other joints.

Indications for the study of joints using computed tomography:

  1. Tumors and anomalies of the joints
  2. Accumulation of fluid
  3. Osteoarthritis, arthritis
  4. Osteophytes
  5. Osteomyelitis

In addition, the patient's complaints after injury to the uncomfortable condition of the joints or foreign objects in the joints are also a reason for the immediate procedure of computed tomography of the joints.

In addition to the joints themselves, our tomograph also allows you to study the condition of the surrounding tissues and cartilage around.

Types of CT examinations of joints performed at the medical center "CT Expert":

CT of the elbow joint

One of the most important joints in the human body is the elbow joint. Most often, people who play sports at a young age or the elderly have uncomfortable sensations in the elbow joint, which leads to impaired mobility or intermittent pain. We will help determine the nature of the disease, for example - the presence of cracks, fractures, sprains, inflammatory processes in the elbow joint, or there may be several other reasons to diagnose.

CT of the shoulder joint

The shoulder is most prone to stress and it is this joint that often makes itself felt by people who lead an active lifestyle. Athletes are most prone to stretch marks and shoulder injuries. However it is not necessary to think that at a usual way of life with a shoulder joint there can be no trauma. Aching or sharp pain in the shoulder often indicates the presence of an inflammatory process. Do not procrastinate with the diagnosis of the shoulder joint. If you contact our medical center in a timely manner, the tomograph will show what is wrong with this joint, and your doctor will be sure to inform you about further necessary treatment.

CT of the knee joint

Impaired joint mobility, sharp or aching pain - a frequent reason to contact us for computed tomography of the knee joint. The knee joint worries both elderly and young people, because it has a very heavy load every day - the weight of most of the human body. In addition to pain or obvious injuries, the appearance of crunch in the knee joint also signals the need for a thorough examination.

CT of the hip joint

The very high load that falls on this joint during normal human life, makes it especially vulnerable for both young and old people. Injury to this joint, which often occurs after a fall, can lead to serious consequences, so you should immediately seek medical attention and CT examination of the hip joint to understand possible pathologies and ways to further treat the patient.

Preparation for computed tomography of the joints

No special training is required for this procedure, but if a contrast agent is required (please consult your doctor or call us for a consultation), the patient should come for a study on an empty stomach.

It is necessary to exclude all metal objects and also before the beginning of procedure to inform the laboratory assistant if you have fixed prostheses, pacemakers and other devices.

Computed tomography of the joints

CT of the joints is performed in much the same way as other computed tomography procedures: the patient lies down on a special moving table, next to which is a tomograph. You will need to take a certain position that your doctor will choose for the best test result and stay still for a while. At this time in the next room, the doctor can communicate with you by two-way communication, if you need to change the position of the body, or if you become uncomfortable, the procedure can always be interrupted at the request of the patient.

At the end of the procedure, the patient receives a hard copy or disk with the results of the study and the opinion of a radiologist.

Contraindications for CT of the joints

Contraindications for computed tomography are minimal, but they are still the same as for the study of other areas of the human body using a tomograph.

The main contraindications: renal or hepatic insufficiency, allergy to iodine-containing substances (if the introduction of a contrast agent is required), acute disease, when the patient can not be in one position for a long time. Contraindications can also include fear of confined space, but in our center you can see the doctor through the window and communicate with him through two-way communication, and if necessary, always interrupt the procedure.

Advantages of computed tomography of joints in the medical center "CT Expert":

  1. Experienced doctors. We employ radiologists only of the highest category.
  2. The latest Philips Briliance 16 tomograph, which works with minimal X-rays
  3. Convenient location of the medical center.
  4. Availability of discounts (for pensioners, liquidators of the Chornobyl disaster, weekend discounts and discounts for re-examination during the month) and promotions
  5. Affordable cost of computed tomography of the joints.

The price of CT examination of joints in our medical center is only from 800 UAH.

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